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UTRU wants to learn more about the ridership habits of women and non-binary individuals and why they do and do not choose to use transit at proportional levels.  A 2019 Survey conducted by RSG found that 41% of riders on UTA, for example, are women despite being just over half of the general population.

One of the reasons for this, UTRU feels, is due to concerns related to safety and transit. We want to identify these concerns and are seeking comments on ways to potentially address them.

Please know that identifying information (such as email addresses and names) will be anonymous and potentially identifying information (such as route usage or zip codes) will only be published for general aggregate data collection.  Questions related to joining UTRU will be used for internal use only, however, comments will be available for review, so please avoid personally identifiable information if possible (UTRU will attempt to scrub such information prior to publication).

We expect that the survey will take you no more than 10 minutes, and we thank you for your participation!

A principal destination is the location you travel to the most. This could be a workplace, school, or recreation center - just wherever you frequent the most. If you know the zip code, please provide that.
If you do not currently use transit, put “n/a.” Example: 470, Blue Line (UTA), Blue Loop (CVTS), etc.
NOTE: For the following questions, Please consider the stop that is actually closest to you, even if it isn’t a stop you do/would use. For example, if you drive to a park-and-ride lot to catch a bus a mile away but a bus stop for a route you wouldn’t use is a block away, answer the question as if you were using the stop a block away.
If you wish to become a member or be on UTRU’s mailing list, please complete the additional questions below, otherwise, simply press “Submit” at the end of the survey.

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  • Please get more buses and trains. If there is a safety issue, it’s from crowding and waiting.

  • Is there not enough money to get more trains on the rails and hire workers like drivers? It’s always crowded and I always see unused tracks. Also front runner coming every hour before 3pm is just not effective. If there was more train drivers and another train this wouldn’t be a problem. Please think about the Utahns and try to save money for public transportation. When we don’t have a storm the haze gets very bad with air pollution. I think the trains help with this. Even looking getting at electric trains like how they do in Europe. Utah is the perfect place to test that so we can get emissions down. Please please whoever reads this think about the economy ecosystem and just people of Utah.

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