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Become A Member of UTRU

Sign up to be a member of UTRU today or to receive important updates on Utah transit changes, events, and more!

Membership is free, but dues are required to vote in the Union.


Dues are based on the honor system: the minimum for dues is your cost to use transit in a day or $5, whichever is higher. Higher contributions are appreciated but do not increase the number of votes given.


If you make your dues a monthly contribution, we will send you two of our four current stickers:

  • My other bike is a train
  • My other bike is a bus
  • I prefer professional drivers
  • I only use professional drivers

You will also receive three of our UTRU-Branded stickers. Individual stickers can also be purchased for $7.50 each by making a one-time contribution. You will be contacted after completing your transaction to confirm which set you would like to receive.

All dues go towards maintaining the Union and are tax deducatble.

To pay annual dues, visit the Donations Page.