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    Hello, I’m Sofia, President of UTRU Students! I’m proud to be the first ever poster on UTRUs new forums! I’ve been officially put in charge of UTRU’s 7 Day Challenge push for the 2024 annum, and it will soon be time for us to begin working in earnest to make this happen.

    -What is the 7 day challenge?-
    It’s all in the name- the 7 day challenge is an effort wherein we try to get as many civic and community leaders (think state legislators, mayors, city councilmembers, university administrators, business leaders, etc.) to commit to using public and active transportation for one week.

    -Why is this important?-
    Most of those in charge of making decisions about public transportation in Utah never use it. It’s crucial that those in charge of charting the future of alternative transportation in Utah understand the issues that regular users face, and the gaps in service that afflict our transit agencies- in some cases, leaders being *unable* to commit to the 7 day challenge can be almost as impactful as those who make it the full week.

    -How can you help?-
    UTRU will be partnering with other public and active transportation advocacy groups (BikeWalk Provo, Sweet Streets, all of our chapters, and anyone else we can get on board) to make this happen, but we also need ‘foot soldiers,’ people who are willing to help me contact and recontact leaders of all stripes. We need everybody we can get if we’re going to make this a success. If you’re interested in volunteering, please email me at sofiacdunstan@gmail.com, and I’ll bring you on board. Time commitments will range from simple phone calls and email campaigns to (after the new year) actually visiting offices (on the hill and other places) to lobby for the challenge.

    Thanks, and thanks for joining UTRU Forums!

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