Mike Christensen

Mike was a co-founder and current board member of UTRU. In addtion, he has been employed as the Executive Director of the Utah Rail Passengers Association since its creation in 2018.

Mike holds a Bachelor of Science in Geography from Brigham Young University, a Graduate Certificate in Geographic Information Science from Northwest Missouri State University, an Interdisciplinary Graduate Certificate in Sustainability from the University of Utah, and a Master of City and Metropolitan Planning from the University of Utah. Mike is a member of the American Planning Association, the Congress for the New UrbanismStrong Towns, the Association of Pedestrian and Bicycle Professionals, and the National Rail Passengers Association. In addition to UTRU, Mike currently serves on the board of the Utah chapter of the Congress for the New Urbanism, and on the board of the National Rail Passengers Association. In September 2021, Mike was appointed to Salt Lake City’s Planning Commission.

Mike claims Malad City, Idaho, as his hometown and has lived in Utah since 1999 and in Salt Lake City’s Rose Park neighborhood since 2003. An avid transit and bikeshare user, Mike got rid of his car in 2017 and hasn’t looked back. In the first five years since GREENbike launched in 2013, he logged more rides and miles than any other annual member.