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01 April, 2022
5:00 pm

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About this event

UTA has proposed upcoming changes to Utah public transit that will begin August 2022.

Follow the above link to see the proposed changes to the transit systems in Utah. Changes are being made in the Salt Lake, Tooele, Utah, Davis, and Weber Counties with a lot of routes being reduced or discontinued. These changes may affect public transit routes you currently use.

Be sure to review the changes and provide your feedback before the April 1st deadline!

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Who should provide feedback?

Utahns currently using public transportation or who know someone who currently uses public transportation in Utah. These changes will likely affect you or someone you know, but they are not yet final. There is still time to provide feedback. If enough people are affected and provide feedback then these changes could be stopped.

Ready to provide feedback?

Provide your response now by clicking the below button to go directly to the UTA OpenGov website

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