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Your address information will be used to help assist with possible travel training, if requested and will otherwise be used only for demographic information.
If you agree to have your name and profession published, UTRU may generalize your profession.
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On a scale of 0 -5 (0 being not at all, and 5 being a frequent user of transit that can use a system with confidence), how much experience/confidence do you have to navigate transit on your own?
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Based on your knowledge of your local transit system, how many trips do you feel you can complete using ONLY transit? If, for example, you took one 10 mile trip, and had to drive 5 miles to a Park-And-Ride lot, you would want to put 50%.

Using active transportation (i.e. walking or biking) to get to a bus or train stop, would count towards your transit total. So, in the same example, if you walked a block to get to a bus stop and then took the bus to your destination, you would put 100%.
UTRU appreciates and welcomes those willing to go outside of their comfort zone for the 7-Day Challenge, and will either provide travel training directly or connect you with a travel trainer that can help you plan trips, use apps, handle transfers, and pay fares.