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Thank you for being a dues-paying member. Be sure to vote this Saturday, October 15 th!

This is your confirmation that we received your dues for the previous year.


Dear {name},

I just wanted to thank you for your annual dues to the Utah Transit Riders Union, and look forward to seeing you this Saturday so that you may vote for members of the 2022-23 UTRU Board of Directors. 

To learn more about those who wish to serve during the 2022-23 term, click here; to see the convention schedule, rules, and link to the virtual event, click here

Your ballot will be sent via email at approximately 10:30 AM and you will have until 10:45 AM to complete the form. It will be a Google Document and you will need to use the same email address this message was sent to in order to have your vote count. 

If you have any questions, please contact me, Curtis Haring, UTRU Executive Director, at curtis.haring@utru.org.

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